Code Excursion

A female coding community

About Code Excursion

Code Excursion is a female coding community where women learn programming. The focus of Code Excursion is to learn in a helpful, passionate and including community with a bunch of cheerful, curious and supporting girls who start the journey of becoming a web developer together.


The seed to Code Excursion came the summer of 2017 when we (Louise and Corina) had been trying to learn coding for a long time without much success. We both felt like we were missing a safe and inspiring space to learn. To fix this problem we created Code Excursion!


At the moment we have a group of 13 people sponsored by DataTjej who meet once a week in Stockholm at the co-working space Knackeriet. So far we have made it through HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Java Script. We also hold workshops about code related topics which are open for more girls.


In 2018 we plan to start new groups. If you are interested in joining, like us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you get the information! We are also planning to create our own digital course and a mentorship program.

Who We Are


Corina Schedler


I am a creative, cheerful and natureloving person who loves to be learn something new every day. I think being liminal is normal and slash-career should be a word in the dictionary. I started coding when I first came to Stockholm a year ago. I realised quite quickly that I would learn so much faster if I had a bunch of supporting women around me.


Louise Serenhov


Happy student in Stockholm with a big passion for personal development, entrepreneurship and nature. Camping, hiking and biking makes my day :) I discovered coding when our startup suddenly stood without a developer and to my surprise I'm hooked. I value relations high and always try my best to see challenging situations as empowering.

Do you want to support us?

If you want to support Code Excursion during our weekly meetings, talk about something tech-related, help-out as a mentor/teacher or sponsor this awesome thing, let us know! We are also super happy to read from you, for questions or if you just say want to say hi.